Internship wrap-up

My OPW internship officially ended on Monday. I’ll summarize what I did during the past three months.

I first got an overview of the drivers in staging – what kind of drivers there are and how close they are to being moved out of staging. I emailed the people responsible for some of the more “neglected” drivers and asked them about the status of the drivers. Most responded, some didn’t. In the end I deleted 14 drivers from the kernel, as no one was working on them anymore (and odds are no one is using them). The remaining 8 drivers either still had someone working on them or my emails (hopefully) got someone to work on them.

After that I got a touchscreen device, messed around with it a bit, and started working on reorganizing an existing analog-to-digital converter (ADC) driver on it (the ADC can be used for touchscreen input and battery monitoring, for example). To do that, I read a lot of code in the industrial input/output subsystem (IIO, the subsystem for ADCs), driver core (for things like driver binding) and boot code (mostly out of curiosity). I also began working on a simpler cleanup task for IIO.

That’s all I’ve managed to do the past three months (and I’ve really only just started with the ADC driver). I’m pretty disappointed myself, though at least Greg doesn’t seem to be. I guess I was hoping to achieve more than I did. Not sure why I didn’t. Part of it’s probably that for the first month I was still dealing with university things, which took a lot of time away from the internship. Another part is that when I started I was already kind of burnt out from working on my bachelor’s thesis, and I think that made me inefficient. Also, I think I probably started out with too little knowledge of the kernel, and had a lot of background to catch up on (and still do).

On the bright side, I intend to continue working with the kernel, starting from continuing with the reorganization of the ADC driver. My personal goal is to finish it by LinuxCon Europe in October. Which, by the way, I’m excited to be attending and presenting at (just a 5 minute talk as part of the OPW talk). But, before I do anything else, I’m taking a couple of weeks off to rest, since right now I could really use a break.

Anyway, that concludes the internship for me. I really enjoyed the summer, and I hope other interns did too. Thanks to all those who put everything together (program coordinators, mentors, etc.), and I hope all the participating organizations got a bunch of great new contributors!


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